Data + Security

PICTURED More data enables more insights into your operation.

Through alarms, alerts, customized reports and more, M2M’s data collection and communications helps you keep a close, expert eye on equipment reliability and machine-to-fleet performance.

The Data Center
At the core of our infrastructure is a world-class data center within the United States. This highly scalable facility ensures our services are always available when you need them via redundancy in regulated power and Internet connections.

World-Class Security

In the data business, strong security is non-negotiable. M2M protects and secures your data at every point down the line — from its extraction from your assets through the communications process and the viewability within our encrypted RMS portals.

Our Connected Assets Data Principles:

Our Data Governance Statement provides clear notice regarding our practices for collecting and using data.

M2M maintains and regularly improves the security measures that protect connected asset data.

We respect customer choice and data privacy principles and seek appropriate data rights from third parties.