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Make every second of uptime count with customized cloud-based solutions from M2M Data Corp, the industry leader in remote monitoring and control services for oil and gas. We offer more predictive capabilities, more flexibility and more efficiency, so you can work smarter and faster.

Less confusion. More simplicity. That’s the M2M way.

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Our end-to-end platform enables smart gathering, ensuring we collect only the data you need, when you need it.

Gather. Transmit. Inform.

Our hardware connects to your equipment’s panel, controller, RTU or PLC to gather your necessary data points, which are then transmitted via satellite, cellular or Internet. Your data is processed as it’s received in real time and made available to you through our scalable platform.


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Engine Oil Pressure


Intake Manifold Temp


Engine Load

It's Your Data; Connect To It.

It’s simple: More data enables more insights into your operation.

Connect your entire fleet and benefit from M2M’s full operational data analysis, delivered from our experts to yours. From your field operator to the managers in your office, your team will have access to the information you need to increase efficiencies and improve your bottom line.

Oil Pressure
Engine Speed

700 rpm



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Feature Rich.

With a web and mobile interface, custom configurations, back office integration and more, M2M’s services and hardware work together to deliver you seamless access to your equipment information — including temperature, pressure and vibration readings, and shutdown events — at a moment’s notice.


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Equipped for Efficiency.

Let’s work together to find the technology that meets your needs.

M2M offers a wide range of hardware solutions, with most certified as Class 1, Division 2, and Groups A, B, C and D. All are simple and quick to install, and you can count on satellite and cellular support plus over-the-air programming and configuration.

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PLE 601


RMS 680


RMS 1200



What Makes Us Different

End-to-end solutions. Unmatched customer service. Deep domain expertise. Since 1999, M2M Data Corp has maintained a strong legacy of leadership in the remote asset monitoring and management field, with a particular focus on oil and gas.

And we’re only improving from there.

M2M’s agile development team continuously evolves our offerings to stay at the top of our industry — and yours. We’re flexible, working with you to customize offerings based on your exact needs. And we’re driven, pushing tirelessly forward to help you arrive at nothing less than operational excellence.

Cut Operating Costs By 30% Up to 3 Times

Case Study: Rental Gas Compression

A Texas-based rental company implemented remote-monitoring services to collect and analyze pressure, temperature and fluid level data — as well as downtime events — from every compressor. Each morning, the system generates a report alerting technicians to the status of their assigned units.

Rather than visiting every compressor every day, technicians now only need to travel to those sites requiring service. That allowed the company to double the number of compressors assigned to each technician — resulting in a 30-percent reduction in operating costs…

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World Class Support Twenty Four Seven

Our Support

Reach out to us for questions, troubleshooting and general support any time, any day. M2M’s expert staff and technical support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

[email protected]

With technical expertise in hardware and oil and gas protocols, we’re proud to deliver above-average success rates in support — from pickup to initial call resolutions — so you can count on continuous equipment monitoring.

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