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Proven Cloud-Based Solutions.

PICTURED The leading provider of cloud-based solutions for operational excellence.

The leading provider of cloud-based solutions for operational excellence.

Since 1999, our tools have helped our customers get more out of every asset, every operator, and every working minute. We offer a turnkey-hosted solution that enables our customers to monitor their assets, perform remote diagnostics, and streamline operations of all kinds, making it easy to get the most out of your site.

Our commitment to delivering simple, easy-to-use products and services with world-class reliability has made us the market leader in asset monitoring and management services for the energy sector. As industry pioneers, every service we offer is backed by a 99.7% uptime Service Level Agreement.

We’ve celebrated many milestones in the last two decades, but we know that our future holds even more opportunity. Our work to develop comprehensive, cutting-edge technology is never finished. Here are a few things that have made M2M what it is today and prepared us for a future of advancement.

M2M Data Corporation was founded in 1999.


Increased competition in satellite and cellular communications dramatically reduced costs and made machine to machine communication a viable concept.

This coupled with the growth of the internet and internet standards put forth by the World Wide Web consortium or W3C presented the opportunity to deliver a hosted solution accessible using browser technologies.

Currently, M2M Data Corporation has nearly 10,000 assets and 1.4 million data points under management and is processing almost 1 million data points each day.

1999 M2M Data Corporation founded as M2M Matrix
2006 Launch of M2M Enabled Program – Introduction of proprietary communication protocol (building blocks to lower data transmission costs)
2007 Launch of all-in-one asset management infrastructure
2015 Launch of mobile app
2016 M2M acquired by Caterpillar Inc.
2016 Introduction of dual mode cellular satellite technology
2020 Improve troubleshooting for Caterpillar engines and enhance analytics to provide deeper insight into equipment data