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Industrial RMS

RMS™ goes beyond the capabilities of traditional SCADA systems. It leverages the internet to get you the data you need to make better decisions, wherever you may be. RMS™ delivers useful information that you can act upon, not the volumes of data you have to sift through with legacy systems. Typical benefits customers get from deploying RMS™ include: reduced down time, improved efficiency, and improved resource allocation and utilization rates.

Is your equipment functioning properly? Are you running efficiently and maximizing productivity? Are you honoring your uptime commitments? Are you getting the most out of your skilled technicians? With RMS™ you’ll be able to answer yes to all of these questions.

RMS™ is available in a number of configurations. In its simplest configuration, RMS™ can tell you if your equipment is running or not. However, if you need more data points, the application can tell you various temperature readings, pressure readings, RPM, tank level, flow, or virtually any other variable that can be measured by your equipment’s instrumentation.

With RMS™ you can get regular reports emailed to you so you can easily see how the equipment you’re responsible for is performing. Additionally, you or your call center can receive fax, email or text message alerts when your equipment isn’t operating within normal parameters.



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