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SmartConnect™ is a technology platform used by our customers to rapidly develop, operate and maintain their own remote operation and management applications.

SmartConnect™ handles data acquisition, communications and storage so all you have to do is concentrate on developing your application.

SmartConnect™ includes many options for device connectivity hardware including M2M’s range of proven equipment, M2M approved third party equipment, and new equipment that we help you integrate with our communications services.

SmartConnect™ supports a wide range of communications technologies including wired and wireless. SmartConnect™ includes high reliability communications and eliminates the complexity and risks involved in selection and implementation of wireless communications.

Once acquired, your data is stored as raw or processed data in our secure data center for retrieval by your application. We work closely with your development team to achieve secure and reliable data transfer between SmartConnect™ and your application.

Assets we monitor include virtually any equipment or device from which we can acquire operational or maintenance related information.

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