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M2M RMS Services

Remote Monitoring and Control

RMS™ is a hosted service designed to help you get more out of your equipment by giving you tools to monitor, manage, and optimize your remotely located assets. Whether you want to optimize equipment performance or make sure that you’re sending the right technician to the right job, we’ve got a solution for you. Best of all, our services are simple to deploy. All you need is a connection to the internet and we’ll take care of the rest—including customizing our proven solution to meet your unique needs.

We leverage a modular architecture that can be tailored to the needs of your business. This means that you get the functionality you need to fit the unique needs of your organization. Many of our customers want to simply know if their equipment is running, and if it goes down, what the shutdown cause was. Others want to know all of the operating data they could see if they were on site. RMS’s architecture allows us to offer services that address both of these needs, and more.

Typical benefits customers get from deploying RMS™ and Intellisite include: Reduced downtime, improved efficiency, increased production, and improved resource allocation and utilization rates. Is your equipment functioning properly? Are you running efficiently and maximizing productivity? Are you honoring your uptime commitments? Are you getting the most out of your technicians? With RMS™ you’ll be able to answer yes to all of these questions.

Preventive Maintenance Planning and Management

Are you still using a calendar to tell you when to do your PMs? We think it makes more sense to base your maintenance schedule on actual machine run hours. With RMS™ preventive maintenance you can do just that. Some of our customers have reported a savings of over 40% on their maintenance costs by using us. You’ll also be able to suppress maintenance calls when multiple calls are due in a short period of time, allowing you to do multiple procedures on a single call.

Your equipment is a valuable resource, essential to the success of your organization. Think about the potential costs of missing even a single maintenance.

With RMS™ preventive maintenance you can look at all of your equipment and all of your maintenance resources and schedule appropriately. Through a single portal you can manage the maintenance of all of your equipment, generate reports, review maintenance histories, and review maintenance costs.

Technician Dispatch

Take a giant step forward in efficiency and effectiveness by adding M2M’s technician dispatch service to your remote monitoring service. This hosted service combines in a single user interface the asset location and operating information with location and skillsets of the available maintenance technicians. This information allows the dispatcher to quickly make informed dispatch decisions that result in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Workflow Management

M2M’s dispatch service may be augmented through the addition of our workflow management service. This hosted service handles the management and recording keeping for the whole field service process from work issuance and close-out; timesheets; and back office integration.




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