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Aquavx™ Water & Wastewater Remote Monitoring Services

Aquavx™ is a hosted service designed to help you get more out of your equipment by giving you tools to monitor, manage, and optimize your remotely located assets. Our services are simple to deploy; all you need is a connection to the internet and we’ll take care of the rest—including customizing our proven solution to meet your unique needs.

Aquavx™ is a complete solution. We have the benefit of Antx’s knowledge of the water and wastewater market, which was developed while deploying over 40,000 pieces of monitoring hardware, and M2M’s experience of developing a hosted remote monitoring service infrastructure that processes over 3 million transactions each day. The result is the best available remote monitoring solution on the market today.

Why is it the best?

Because we give you just the information you need, without the clutter. The Aquavx™ solution is different. Instead of sending you data every two minutes, we send data when a value reaches a threshold that you’ve defined. That’s because unlike traditional SCADA or our competitors’ monitoring solutions, our hardware is intelligent. Why do you need data every two minutes just to show you that everything’s working fine? We borrowed a term from the water industry to name this phenomenon, DRIP, Data Rich Information Poor. We give you just the information you need, so you can make better decisions, instead of overwhelming you with mountains of useless data.

Aquavx™ is the SCADA alternative at the cost of an auto-dialer, designed exclusively for sanitation districts, utility companies and municipal utility districts.

Our service is unique.
Our expertise is built on 35 years of experience through a partnership between Antx, with its long history in the water/wastewater market, and M2M Data Corporation, with its experience in hosted communications and remote monitoring technology.

Aquavx is different because it features an intelligent control device that ensures the right data is delivered at the right time to the people who need it, offers a local user interface in the field, and promises “handshake” reliability when it comes to communication delivery.
Our track record, proven architecture, and financial strength – on top of the industry’s only Service Level Agreements – make us the industry’s most trusted partner.

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