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Aquavx™ Messenger


Each Messenger monitors and computes values from CANbus (J1939), OBD-CAN PGNs, J1708/1587 PIDs and 100s of Modbus RTU Registers When user-defined operating conditions are violated, like receipt of an engine diagnostic message, information is immediately sent to web-based partner applications.

The Messenger connects to the ECU through a single cable with a standard J1939, J1708 or OBD connector. Modbus Master communication is serial via RS-232 or RS-485. The dual GPS/GSM antenna connects to the two keyed connectors on the Messenger.

Communication to the internet-based applications is via UDP or TCP over a GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi network. Various satellite communication options are also available.

How the Messenger Works

The Messenger continually monitors pre-defined values read from the engine and performs computations and limit comparisons on those values. These processed values are sent to an internet-based application based on a timed interval or when various conditions or limits violations occur.

The information sent to the internet includes the unit identification, GPS location, date/time, processed values based on PGN parameters of interest, computed values, remote unit status, etc.

Capabilities that provide real benefit

The Messenger is designed to provide a highly robust and configurable platform for unique applications. The powerful 32-bit processor, real-time operating system, FLASH and SRAM on the Messenger allow for:

  • Virtual real-time transfer or monitored conditions
  • Local computations and evaluations from monitored conditions
  • User-specified PGNs to be monitored
  • Event and data logging
  • Exception-based reporting to internet-based applications
  • Over-the-air tunneling into the Messenger or other OEM equipment attached to the Messenger for remote diagnostics or re-configuration
  • Reprogram a single unit or 1000s of units automatically via FTP
  • Automatic firmware upgrades via FTP
  • Event log and current configuration upload via FTP
  • SMS messaging to change configuration or request monitored values
  • Notifications based on time, events or computations from data
  • Very low power mode based on RPM limit or other conditions
  • Over-the-air re-flashing of the Messenger application - add new capabilities to the Messenger without having to visit it!

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