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Aquavx Features and Benefits

Getting You the Information You Need, Without the Clutter

You’ll find that Aquavx has the features you're looking for, but don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Alarm Bar
Aquavx’s alarm bar turns red whenever an alarm is present at any of your locations.

Cellular and Satellite Communications
Cost effective communications, without expensive network build-outs, even where cell phones won’t work.

Intelligent Hardware
Alarm thresholds are pushed down to the hardware and are easily configurable, giving you all of the information you need and none of the data you don’t.

Local Hardware Interface
Control panel allows users to view historical logs while on site. Local programming is also available.

Flexible Alerting
Get alerts the way that’s most convenient for you, including voice, text message, and email alerts.

User Driven Reports
Get the reports you need when you want them. Run hours, flow, number of cycles, etc. can all be included in reports that can be run either on a set schedule or on demand.

Robust Administration
Aquavx’s robust user administration allows users to easily configure user access, groups, alert recipients, and how alerts are received.

High Quality Maps
Get an overview of all of your assets on a single map powered by Bing™.

SCADA Integration
For users running existing SCADA systems, Aquavx can interface with your system allowing data to be imported or exported so you can get a single view of all of your data.

Two Year Warranty
Double the warranty of other products.

Service Level Agreement
Aquavx service is backed by a 99.5% uptime guarantee delivered in writing with every subscription we sell. >See detailed SLA

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