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Commercial buildings and warehouse space Remote monitoring solution (RMS™)

As a building manager, knowing instantly if there is a water leak or excessive temperature could mean the difference between a quick fix and clean-up or a costly repair or replacement. Using M2M’s RMS™ service allows you to respond immediately to any incident, especially in areas not frequented daily by maintenance personnel.

Most buildings have at least a building manager, or a staff of maintenance engineers to walk the premises, visually checking and rechecking building structure, plumbing, electrical, lights, etc., looking for problems before they start; the thought process being that someone will catch a problem before it grows into an expensive repair.

A more efficient and cost effective way to manage operations is through remote monitoring with wireless sensors and M2M’s online service. Know immediately when something goes wrong and dispatch a tech to repair. Repurpose your building manager or staff for more productive tasks.

Easy Sensor Installation

M2M’s wireless sensors are ready to go out of the box – anyone can install the sensor network; no technical experience necessary. Simply pull the sensors out of the box, place in the desired location and turn them on.

RMS™ currently supports millions of sensors in markets ranging from energy to wastewater –in the USA and all over the world. Whether you’re responsible for one or two buildings or hundreds or even thousands, leverage M2M’s proven RMS™ service and reap the benefits immediately with no risk.

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