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M2M provides software services to HED a leader in telematics and data logging for heavy over the road vehicles

HED Telematics: Track, Monitor and Manage your vehicles 24/7

HED’s Telematics solution empowers you with a broad array of vehicle & fleet management tools:

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Vehicle Tracking:

  • Real time street-level GPS-based location data
  • Tells if vehicle is in use or not
  • Geographic Parameters: Geo-Fencing and Curfew Management

Remote Diagnostics: 

  • Trouble shooting and repair of issues before you send service personnel
  • Reduces the time your vehicle is out of operation
  • Vehicle Status and Health: Monitor all pertinent CAN data
  • Set alarms: Custom alerts can be sent via text, email or voice to enable immediate action (i.e., low fuel) 

Predictive Maintenance (Prognostics):

  • Detect warning conditions before vehicle is damaged or inoperable
  • Lower maintenance costs by sending the right people and parts to the job

Remote Vehicle Interaction:

  • Update and re-program control system from your computer
  • Vehicle disablement

Benefits of HED CANect™ Telematics

  • Maximize uptime
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Precise asset management
  • Increased productivity


HED brings you a complete Telematics solution to manage your vehicles or fleet, including:

Hardware: CL-T00 Telematics Module or CL-503 Data Logger

  • Interface via GSM modem or Wi-Fi
  • Internal SD memory up to 4GB for data logging
  • Modules can also act as master controller for vehicle control system
  • Powerful processor: 264MHz, 32-bit Power PC
  • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer 

Software: CAN-based Application Code programming tools

  • Program your Telematics module with HED’s Composer DIY tool, or use our Presto feature to download C code – complete flexibility!
  • Fully configurable: Select what data is collected and how often 

Data Storage: Secure web-based storage of all historical vehicle data

  • Your vehicle data is stored and managed by our partner M2M Data Corp, a leading cloud-based data management firm
  • World-class Data Center in Denver, CO contains a temperature controlled environment with redundant regulated power

Web Portal: To view reports and data for your vehicles

  • View useful historical vehicle information and reports you can act on
  • Receive text, fax or email alerts when pre-set alarm conditions are met
  • Change data collection parameters (what and how often) through the portal


HED provides a comprehensive web portal for managing all of your vehicle data and reports. The web portal was created to our specification by our partner M2M Data Corp in Denver, CO. M2M has a rich history in back office systems for remote monitoring and remote asset management.

The HED Web Portal provides the following features: 

  • Secure login and hierarchical rights management
  • Two-way communications: Ability to download firmware and application code to controller
  • Ability to adjust variable to be viewed and frequency they are viewed
  • Diagnostic mode
    • Choose up to 20 variables
    • Set frequency to record (as low as 10ms)
    • Update log file in Excel to view data 
  • Customizable: Ability to add end-customer portals and customer vehicle configurations
  • Data is secure: All data is maintained in a fully redundant, Homeland Security rated data center

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