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Directions from Denver International Airport

1.  Head north on Pena Blvd
2.  Use the right lane to turn slightly right (signs for Terminal East) 0.2 mi
3.  Take the exit toward E 80th Ave 0.2 mi
4.  Turn left onto E 80th Ave 0.1 mi
5.  Turn right onto Harry B Combs Pkwy 0.6 mi
6.  Continue onto E 75th Ave 1.1 mi
7.  Turn left onto Jackson Gap Rd 0.3 mi
8.  Turn right on Jackson Gap St 2.2 mi
9.  Turn right onto E 56th Ave 1.4 mi
10. Turn left to merge onto E470 S 1.4 mi
11. Merge onto E-470 S 23.5 mi
12. Take exit 1B for Jamaica Street 0.4 mi
13. Turn right onto S Jamaica St 0.1 mi
14. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right at the 1st cross street onto Liberty Blvd 0.2 mi
15. Turn left onto Inverness Dr S/Inverness Ln S 0.1 mi
16. Turn right onto Inverness Dr 0.3 mi

Drive Time:  35 mins
Total Estimated Distance: 31.1 miles


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