Innovative Telematics Solution from HED


CANect Module

HED selected our SmartConnect™ M2M technology platform to create what they believe to be the best telematics solution available for heavy over-the-road vehicles.

HED recently released the powerful 3-in-1 CANect Module, which functions as the system’s master controller, data logger and communications module. The module can be configured to store up to 8 gigabytes of vehicle data, which can be acquired from either its software configurable inputs or via its 3 isolate CAN ports.  In addition, the CANect module can communicate this valuable data to either the CANect web portal or a customer’s FTP site via cellular (GSM) or Wi-Fi technologies.

This groundbreaking solution was conceived by HED and delivered in record time through a partnership with M2M. The underlying telemetry and data management technology is M2M’s SmartConnect™ platform, and the telematics portal was developed specifically for HED based on M2M’s proven Remote Monitoring Service (RMS).

HED Inc. is a leader in the development and manufacture of mobile electronic controls utilizing the highest technology and quality standards and providing superior electronic control solutions that enhance vehicle performance and maintainability.

More information is available in this video.

Mobile Apps

Field Data & Alarm Mobile App

It seems like only yesterday that I was hearing, “You’re going to put my machine data on the Internet?” Now suddenly the question is, “Why isn’t my data available on my iPhone?” Well we’re listening and now offer a basic mobile app (iOS and Android) and will happily work with our customers to develop custom apps to their specific needs.