Not Just Standard Applications Anymore

M2M has over ten years successful experience delivering remote monitoring services sold on a SaaS (Software as a Services) basis and used primarily for monitoring controlling engines, compressors, and flow meters in the natural gas production market. However, those applications were built on and are supported by an underlying technology platform we call SmartConnect™.

SmartConnect™ is the “plumbing” that handles data collection, gateway, wireless modems, wireless services (cell and satellite), data acquisition at the server level, parsing, and secure storage.

Wireless Sensors

Adding traditional sensors to any machine is an expensive proposition; it takes wiring, power, and technician hours for every measured variable that’s added. Well that used to e the case anyway. Now we have battery powered, autonomous sensors (NEMA4X available) that change all that. Prices of our commercial grade sensors range from $50 to $250 and for the industrial grade from $160 to $400.

These sensors offer simple installation, long battery life, and stability.