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M2M Data Corporation Company History

M2M Data Corporation was founded in 1999. Increased competition in satellite and cellular communications dramatically reduced costs and made machine to machine communication a viable concept.

This coupled with the growth of the internet and internet standards put forth by the World Wide Web consortium or W3C presented the opportunity to deliver a hosted solution accessible using browser technologies.

Some major milestones in the company’s history include:
July 2016- M2M acquired by Caterpillar
February 2008- Launch of iDA™ field data collection
January 2008- Launch of iMA™, intelligent Machinery Analysis in partnership with Beta Machinery
February 2007- Launch of iServices™ all-in-one asset management infrastructure
September 2006- Launch of M2M Enabled™ Program
August 2006- Release of iSCADA® 2.5
March 2006- Release of iPM™, intelligent Preventative Maintenance
May 2005- Release of iSCADA® 2.0
April 2005- Launch of M2M HQ Blog
September 2004- Donald I. Wallace appointed President and CEO
June 2003- Tier 1 data center launch
November 2001- First oil and gas account
August 2001- iSCADA® 1.0 launched
March 1999- M2M Data Corporation founded as M2M Matrix

Currently, M2M Data Corporation has nearly 14,000 assets and 1.4 million data points under management and is processing almost 1 million data points each day.

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